You exercise and these benefits will follow, we promise!

The magic of fitness:

If there is something that will help you stay positive, focused and help you look younger even as you age and let you live longer and a fuller life then you bet it is going to be exercise and fitness. Like everything else, fitness and the surrounding fields are spawned with several myths and half truths and misconceptions. A lot of people do not understand the importance of following a fitness regime and the benefits that it can accrue in the short and the long term, and they end up not doing anything worthwhile in their lives and wasting a whole lot of precious time.

Energizing effect:

You have woken up from bed tired and do not want to tire yourself more working out? Relax this is the biggest misconception that one can have about a quick morning walk or an exercise regime that he needs to follow. If you have slept a bit later than usual and have not been able to complete you sleep cycle yet, relax but don’t give up on your morning dose of fitness. Research reveals that early morning exercise can release endorphins such as dopamine which helps remove any kind of pain or tiredness that you may have and instead pumps you up with instant positive energy.

Even as little as fifteen minutes would do: On the days when you are not able to do a complete work out say for work pressure or when you have a social commitment or a medical problem, don’t do away with exercise altogether.

Building immunity: Exercising daily helps build immunity against a lot of diseases. The prudent exerciser can steer clear from all kinds of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases etc. Also he will be much healthier and not be prone to contracting epidemics like flu et al.

No sweat required: There is a misconception that your work out can only be effective if you break out in a sweat. There is more to the benefits of breaking into a sweat. Sweating after a workout is the body’s way of cooling you down and there is no connect whatsoever between the body’s fat and calorie burning and sweating.

Warm up extremely essential: One must always do warm up exercises before they start a fitness session. Stretching cold muscles can result in injury and also not be beneficial in the long run at all.


Good for your grey matter:

Exercise helps improve brain activity. It allows the oxygenated blood to flow to the brain thus helping it to perform much better and to be able to ward off neurotic and degenerative diseases as well. Even a ten to fifteen minutes workout in place of an hour is good for the body to release the necessary endorphins to give you a upward mood swing.

Crunches alone won’t do the trick:

So, you want to reduce your midsection? No, crunching alone is not the answer! You will need to work simultaneously on your diet and lifestyle as well.








You can binge occasionally:

A lot of people think that if they are following a fitness regime they must be on a strict diet and that if they binge they will even out the benefits of having worked so hard at the gym floor. On the other hand of the spectrum there are people who eat excessively more because they think that anyway they are going to burn it out on the floor the next day. Both the approaches are wrong. Binging on your favorite high calorie food can be done along with the fitness regime that is followed only occasionally and not as a rule.

Reducing the wear and tear of life’s de rigor:

Exercise can reduce stress and the wear and tear of life. It can help relax the weary muscles and the nerves and help the person get great sleep. It has an overall relaxing effect on his mind, body and the soul. Exercising also leads a person to a spiritual goal of being able to make peace with his own self and help realize the power of the Supreme Being.

Music and dance:

You can plug into music and make sure that you dance in and out of the exercising regime. Music can introduce beats and rhythms in your moves and make exercising more pleasurable. For more information on what particular fitness regimes can do to your body, visit fitness equipment reviews. You can sign up for free newsletter and enjoy great discount redeemable at the gyms and sports gear shops in your neighborhood. What are you waiting for? Quick!!



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